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Prevention is an essential aspect of weed control. Once a noxious weed infestation becomes established, any increase in size and density creates increasingly more expensive control efforts. Therefore, awareness of seed sources and plant identification is critical. Feel free to call our office at 775.423.7129 for help with identification or, better yet, schedule an inspection and remember:

- Weed seed(s) can originate from neighboring properties, adjacent right-of-ways, and trails

- Any disturbed ground is vulnerable to weed infestation

- Early detection and rapid response will save you time and money

- Aggressive management action on small, newly established infestations can result in quicker eradication

Relevant Services include

- Pre & Post Emergent Herbicide Application

- Defensible Space 

- Aquatic Weed Control

- Aquatic Algae Control

- Invasive & Noxious Weed Control

- Tractor Services

Weed control is the botanical component of Pest Control, using mechanical and chemical means to stop weeds from reaching a mature form when they could be detrimental to domesticated plants, livestock, and the aesthetics of one's property.

In order to reduce weed growth, many "weed control" strategies have been established to contain weeds' growth and spread.

The most basic is mechanical, which cuts the roots of annual weeds. Although today, chemical weed killers known as herbicides are widely used, herbicides are generally classified as follows.

Contact Herbicides destroy only the plant tissue in contact with the spray. Generally, these are fast-acting herbicides. Unfortunately, they are ineffective on the perennial plant that can re-grow from roots or tubers.

Systemic Herbicides are foliar-applied and are trans-located through plants and destroy a more significant amount of plant tissue. Modern herbicides such as glyphosate are designed to leave no harmful residue in the soil.

Soil-Borne Herbicides are applied to the soil and are taken up by the roots of the target plants.

Pre-Emergent herbicides are applied to the soil and prevent germination or early growth of the weed seeds. 

Our highly trained Vegetation Management Professionals are always aware of the proximity to water, shrubs, and other desirable vegetation.

Integrity Pest Management is the provider of Northern Nevada's Premier Weed Control and Integrated Vegetation Management Services.

Call 1.775.423.7129 for a free inspection and expert needs analysis.

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