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Weed Control and Brush Control on rights of way contribute significantly to the safety, security, and aesthetic quality of our roadways, parks & government properties.

In the absence of control, weeds obscure traffic at road crossings and provide cover to large animals along roadways which are a traffic hazard. Weed Control also reduces the large amount of bio-mass from dead weeds and grass that are a fire and smoke hazard to road traffic. In addition, ditches and medians provide an opportune environment for invasive weeds, insects, and diseases that threaten adjacent crops or other desirable plants. In fact, weed control along roads in parks and other government properties can be considered a primary deterrent to the movement of invasive species.

Government Sectors Served:

- Schools

- Parks

- Cemeteries

- Military Facilities

- Waste Water Treatment

- Public Works

- Defensible Space

- State, City, and County Right-of-Way Corridors

Relevant Industrial Services include:

- Invasive and Noxious Weed Control

- Pre & Post Emergent Herbicide Application

- Aquatic Weed Control

- Aquatic Algae Control

- Tractor Services

Integrity Pest Management is committed to protecting Government Properties, Government employees, and the environment through our Weed Control and Integrated Vegetation Management Solutions.

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