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Weed Management decisions vary according to plant life cycles, infestation size, environmental parameters, and management objectives. For example, mechanical control for a perennial is a futile effort but effective for the control of biennial weeds.

Successful weed control requires proper identification, selection of effective control methods, and monitoring results over time.

Herbicide application can provide the most effective and time-efficient method of managing weeds. Numerous herbicides are available that provide effective weed control and are selective in that grasses are not injured.

Industrial Sectors Served:

- Railways

- Geothermal Sites

- Sub-Stations

- Solar Energy Fields

- Mining Properties

- Waste Water Management Facilities

- Defensible Space

- Right of way Corridors

Relevant Industrial Services include:

- Defensible Space

- Invasive and Noxious Weed Control

- Pre & Post Emergent Herbicide Application

- Aquatic Weed Control

- Aquatic Algae Control

- Tractor Services

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